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Apparatus to study volumetric properties of the gas hydrates.

Maciej Lorenc, Witold Warowny

Vol. 29, no. 3 (2012), s. 419-430, [1]

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A new pVT apparatus was built on Department of Drilling, Oil and Gas at AGH University of Science and Technology, which was sponsored by the Polish Oil and Gas Company. The apparatus was adjusted to measurement of the proprieties of the gas hydrates. On the schematic diagram of this apparatus, methodological solutions of the equipment were compared to different of this kind literature apparatuses. Among others innovatory elements of the present apparatus some of them should be counted: method of the changes of volume or automatic system (arrangement) to taking the sample with supported nafion drying. The first step of the experimental study is desulfurization of the natural, by using process of the hydrates formation in gas mixture.