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Effect of changes in operating power of gasmotocompressors 10 GKN on the diagnostic signs of connecting rod bearings defects.

Bogdan Kopej, S. Galiy

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 145-149, [1]

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The increasing of gasmotocompressors (GMC) reliability, operated on the booster compressor stations, underground gas storages with significant deterioration of the park units are the actual problems. The greatest attention should be paid timely detection of conrod bearings defects for the prevention of necks crankshaft scoring. Statistics increase of late crank bearings defects shows that scheduled repairs not ensure reliable operation of GMC. Improving the reliability of GMC through the detection in time the crank bearings defects is only possible using the methods and diagnostic tools for calculating the probability of failure-free operation, equipment failure rate during its operation. Increased probability of crank bearings defects detection is possible by the determination of dependence of levels of crank bearings vibration on gasmotocompressors 10 GKN operational capacity. For efficient conducting of connecting rod vibration condition monitoring on units with different power the software was developed and methods of using the obtained models depending on the power levels of vibration were elaborated.