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Analysis of the current state and tendencies on the natural gas market and gas storage in Europe on the background of the situation in Poland.

Piotr Kosowski

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 151-159, [1]

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The present state and tendencies of the natural gas market and gas storage in Europe areaddressed in this paper and compared to the situation in Poland. The European countries are presented in view of their natural gas production, import and export vs. consumption (total and per capita) and the consumer structure. The changing consumption level is assessed as a function of the consumer's structure and quantity of consumption. This has a direct influence on the demand for natural gas storage. The author also characterizes the gas storage market in Europe, accounting for the existing and planned investments, with special emphasis on storage capacity, injection and withdrawal capacity, and also types of storages. The characteristic was based on, among others, the consumption level, home production and import in particular countries.