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A new approach of mature gas fields rehabilitation from Transylvanian Basin (Romania).

Dan-Paul Ştefănescu, Ioana Vlasín

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 199-206, [1]

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The mature gas fields rehabilitation represents a permanent concern of the Romgaz technical management, being considered one of the major priority of the development strategy of our company. The most part of our gas fields located in the geological unit of Transylvanian Basin are characterized by an advanced stage of exploitation, with a long production history and high cumulatives, having a current recovery factors of more than 60-70%. This status gives them the name "mature fields", or "brownfields" concepts logically associated with another notion, called "rehabilitation", also very frequently used in the world oil and gas industry. As the production decreasing became actually more obviously, due to the natural energetic decline of the reservoirs, the only viable solution to overcome this, consists in finding technical, commercial and operational best practices designed to develop incremental production and access additional reserves. This issue has preoccupied also the Romgaz technical team to implement and develop in the same time a new management strategy of this type of reservoirs, setting up a special department for designing the rehabilitation projects for our mature gas fields.