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Rigless jobs in gas wells.

Florinel Şuţoiu, Argentina Tătaru, Bogdan Simescu

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 221-228, [1]

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At the same time with gas reservoirs energetic depletion there appears the perforation deterioration or blockage issue. Mostly, in the mature gas reservoirs, a big attention must be given to well interventions for maintaining or increasing the production. Because of the workover operation risks and costs, the oil companies prefer as much as possible rigless jobs to accomplish well stimulation like reperforation or several coil tubing operations (acidizing, fracturing etc). In our rehabilitation programs for many gas reservoirs, our company accomplished successfully more stimulation jobs. In this paper, we will present some case studies and results obtained after several rigless operations which assure long term production increases.