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Behavior of hydraulic fracture propagation in naturally fractured reservoir.

Moussa Thiam, Dariusz Knez

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 231-239, [1]

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The natural discontinuity or local separation in the plane, which separates the rock in two or many parts, can provide the permeability for fluid movement as water, oil and gas. In low porosity reservoirs, the natural fracture can store a large quantity of hydrocarbons that can be recovered at very high rates. It play a very important role in the minerals exploitation, especially in the sectors of mining and energy which gave an important boost to humanity through the industrial revolution and its associated benefits. So, it is essential to understand the behavior of natural fractures under the influence of other factors such as hydraulic fractures in reservoirs. This paper takes into consideration three models, analyze their results context and ultimately use of new computer program, developed in The Drilling and Geoengineering Department, to make all the necessary operations for each model and give us the results based on provided data.