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Science principles for the concept - project of combined coal and gas and electrical blocks.

Ûrij Vasûčkov, M. Bykova, Mihail Vasûčkov

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 261-266, [1]

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To-day, the conventional technologies of coal mining are distinguished several shortages as negative influence on the environment and lower efficiency of coal potential energy use and higher labor capacity of underground works. In accordance with these shortages the natural gas became a play key role in many countries for power generation. During last twelve years the technologies of coal gasification for power generation are developing in the coal areas of the USA and other countries. The novel concept of the local coal and gas and electrical complex (enterprise) had proposed in "Mineral", Ltd and Moscow State Mining Institute. The technology was named through abbreviation as LCGEC. The concept is based on transformation of hard raw coal in a gas fuel through gasification procedure and recovery of coalbed methane and mix of these two gas streams for use the ones into a combine cycle unit for power generation. One from very important problems of LUGEC exploitation is high coalbed methane productivity through extracted wells. The problem is discussing in the report. Implementation of the concept requires an attraction of large investments. For realization of the concept it is need to develop the concept - project of the complex. In the report the methods of main parameters and production capacity and commercial indexes of the LUGEC.