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Application of pipelines made with Thermoflex® technology for natural gas and carbon dioxide transportation.

Tomasz Włodek, Łukasz Ławski

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 287-295, [1]

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The main issue related to pipeline transportation of hydrocarbons (natural gas, oil) and chemical substances (e.g. carbon dioxide) is to get the best transportation efficiency, taking into account economic and technological aspects. The paper presents the possibility of using pipelines made with the Thermoflex® technology for the transportation of natural gas and carbon dioxide. Pipelines made with this technology can be used for transportation of natural gas from wellsites to natural gas mines installations. Thermoflex pipeline time of instalation is shorter compared to steel pipeline, this issue has great significance in the perspective of future exploitation of natural gas from unconventional reservoirs in Poland. Pipes made using this technology with new polymeric materials are characterized by much lower pressure drop along the pipeline compared to the steel pipelines, much higher maximum operating pressure range compared to polyethylene pipes, better thermal insulation compared to steel, high corrosion resistance and lower installation and operating costs. This paper presents the construction of the pipelines made using Thermoflex® technology, possibilities of applications and comparative examples of simulations of pressure drop and temperature for steel pipelines and made with Thermoflex® technology for the transport of natural gas and carbon dioxide.