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Magnitude of hydrocarbon sorption capacity of sandy soils analysis.

Zbigniew Fąfara

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 65-74, [1]

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This paper summarizes the author's previous studies on the sorption of hydrocarbons in sandy soils. Completed several independent series of measurements for various models of soil. There were used unleaded petrol and diesel fuel as petroleum products. A large amount of collected information allows you to draw some interesting conclusions, which may be the basis for generalizations. The detected regularity can afford to develop a several models that can be successfully used to describe the intensity of hydrocarbon sorption processes in soils. These processes have a significant impact on the hydrocarbon migration in the soil by reducing the pollution zone and extending the time of migration. Inaccurate description of the magnitude sorption capacity will lead to large differences between the actual scenario of hydrocarbon migration in soil and its numerical simulation.