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Evaluation of adsorption of petroleum products in the soil depending on its granulation.

Zbigniew Fąfara, Agnieszka Stępień

Vol. 30, no. 1 (2013), s. 77-85, [1]

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Thanks realized in 2011 in a wide range of laboratory investigations of adsorption of selected petroleum products in different models of soil author has an extensive set of experimental data. They lead to a series of qualitative and quantitative analysis. They confirm the generally known fact that the intensity of the adsorption of hydrocarbons strongly depends on some features of the oil products (mainly viscosity) and soil (especially grain). It is possible to fit the regression equation using statistical methods, which permits to estimate the adsorption coefficient of different oil products on the basis of parameters describing the granulation of soil. Those obtained equations are characterized by a high degree of suitability to the experimental data and can be successfully used in numerical modeling of hydrocarbon migration in the soil.