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Developing a new approach in diagnostic methods of technical state of propeller of gas pumping unit.

Leonìd Zamìhovs'kij, Natalìâ Ìvanûk

Vol. 30, no. 2 (2013), s. 345-350, [1]

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To estimate the influence of changes in aerodynamic and shape characteristics of propellers of the gas pumping unit on process variables of gas pumping unit using the mathematical modeling methods. The method theoretically based Fredholm equation of the second kind for the tangential velocity component, its computational solution, and estimation of aerodynamical characteristics of airfoil of blades in special chosen frame of reference depending on the airfoil and attack angle. For the estimation of influence of shape configuration changes, which are determined by the configuration of blades of propeller on vibration characteristics of blades, cross-sectional area of blades and its second moment the numerical methods are used. Different methods of reproducing of shape configuration of airfoil of blades using experimental data of coordinates of relevant set points of airfoil are considered. Theoretical results could be used in the research and estimation of influences of configuration blade change and quantity of strained blades on the productivity of pumping units. The conducted research and its results can be the basis of creating of new non-destructive testing methods for gas pumping units and creating a new system of control. Shown results allow increasing operational reliability of facilities that were under research and systems, which can be helpful for Ukrainian gas and oil industry facilities.