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The use of a heater and borehole heat exchangers for the regeneration of heat resources in the rock mass on the example of the Geoenergetics Laboratory, AGH UST.

Marek Poniedziałek, Tomasz Śliwa

Vol. 30, no. 2 (2013), s. 353-358, [1]

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The regeneration of rock mass heat resources with the use of four sources can be done with the use of installations owned by the Geoenergetics Laboratory, Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas AGH UST. This paper is devoted to one of them, i.e. an air heater. In the case of increased thermal energy consumption the rock mass can be excessively cooled, which may cause problems with providing thermal standard for buildings making use of ground as a source of heat. New additional sources supplementing the process of heat resources regeneration is a key element of maintaining the high efficiency of the heating-cooling system. A real case exemplifying how free thermal energy can be stored with an air heater in the summer season is discussed in this paper. The procedure and respective conclusions are analyzed. The results of most important measurements are tabularized and their functions plotted in the form graphs.