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An overview of coal bed methane potential in Polish coal basins.

Katarzyna Cieślak, Jacek Hendel, Szymon Kuczyński

Vol. 30, no. 4 (2013), s. 433-440, [1]

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Coal bed methane (CBM) may become an important source of energy in Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Coal bed methane in Poland occurs within three coal basins of which the best recognized and most promising is the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Approximately 80.1% of proved balance of coal deposits resources in Poland occurs in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, where 50 fields are operated by 28 mines. Thus, since early 90s of the 20th century the USCB is attractive for foreign companies which perform evaluation of coal bed methane obtaining possibility as main fossil. However, all previous attempts to commercial production of CBM did not bring expected results, but they constitute extensive information database for current and future research towards CBM exploitation. Prognostic resources of coal bed methane in USCB are estimated to 107 bln m3. Recoverable balance resources are estimated to 87.6 bln m3. Much smaller perspectives are related to the poorly identified regions of Lublin Coal Basin and Lower Silesian Coal Basin. It is estimated that balance resources of hard coal in LCB, represents approximately 19.2% of Polish hard coal balance resources.