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Analysis of fracturing fluid system, effect of rock mechanical properties on fluid selection.

Anastasiâ Laura

Vol. 31, no. 1 (2014), s. 167-177, [1]

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Hydraulic fracturing treatments of shale gas reservoirs is pumping process in which millions of gallons of fracturing fluids mixed with proppant materials and thickening agents are pumped into the target shale formation. Fluids are used to create the fractures in the formation and to carry a propping agent which is deposited in the induced fractures to keep them from closing up. Type and percentage of chemical additives that used in a typical fracture treatment varies depending on the conditions of well being fractured. A series of chemical additives are selected to impart a predictable set of properties of the fluid, including viscosity, friction, formation-compatibility, and fluid-loss control. Each component in fracturing fluids serves a specific, engineered purpose and geological structure of rock. The properties of fracturing fluid are very important in the creation and propagation of the fracture. For successful stimulation fracturing fluid must to have certain chemical and physical properties. Study of the properties fracturing fluids has a huge role in the processes of shale gas extraction. In scientific literature indicates that hydraulic fracturing fluid performance became a prevalent research topic in the late 1980s and the 1990s. The majority of literature pertaining to fracturing fluids related to their operational efficiency and classification. Some of the existing literature offer information regarding the basic chemical components present in most of these fluids. This paper will discuss types of fracturing fluids and it components that may be used for hydraulic fracturing. Comprehensive history of the evolution of hydraulic fracturing fluids in the oil and gas industry plays a significant part in research. This work summarizes requests for fracturing fluids. In addition, this paper shows effect of rock mechanical properties on fracturing fluid selection.