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Integrated model of hydraulic fracturing and hydro-carbon production.

Jerzy Stopa, Paweł Wojnarowski, Damian Janiga

Vol. 31, no. 1 (2014), s. 49-56, [1]

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The dynamics of discovering conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs has significantly dropped down in the World over the last ten years. Resources deposited in reservoirs having poor properties, where the production with economically justified yield is possible after prior enhancement (hydraulic fracturing in particular), become more important. Accordingly, proper designing of development works and hydraulic fracturing are decisive. Author's methodic and software for integrated modeling of hydraulic fracturing and production with the use of a 3D fracture model are presented in this paper. This can be used for evaluating the efficiency of the fracturing treatment and its optimization. The results of hydraulic fracturing modeling were implemented in the reservoir simulator with the software written in C++. The designed fracture can be introduced into a numerical grid of a reservoir simulator. This tool can be a choice for a quick variant simulation for the best scenario of reservoir development selection. The practical implementation of this program was presented on the example of a ,tight gas' reservoir.