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Analysis of new generation odorants applicability in the Polish natural gas distribution network.

Krystian Liszka, Mariusz Łaciak, Andrìj Olìjnik

Vol. 31, no. 1 (2014), s. 59-70, [1]

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Odorization is the process which has crucial impact on the safety of the distribution and usage of natural gas. A very small amounts of odorant are added into naturally odorless fuel. The odorant has distinctive and well odor. Traditionally, used for decades, odorants are based on sulfur compounds. More recently in some countries sulfur-free compound is used as odorant. This article is an attempt to determine the applicability of sulfur-free odorant in natural gas distribution network in Poland. This includes the possibility of implementing a new odorant for the usage in the aspect of existing legislation in the area of odorization. The existing infrastructure used in the process of natural gas odorization has been analyzed and range of necessary adaptation actions has been indicated. The issue of smell diversity in comparison sulfur-free with traditionally used odorants has also been discussed. At the end, the ecological aspects of new odorant usage on a larger scale and re being taken under consideration.