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Enhanced oil recovery processes in sandstone reservoirs containing light oil in offshore fields.

Joanna Przybyłowicz, Stanisław Rychlicki

Vol. 31, no. 1 (2014), s. 99-115, [1]

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Enhanced oil recovery methods can significantly increase recovery from offshore oil reservoirs provided that the appropriate method is selected. Enhanced oil recovery methods aim to recover the remaining original oil in place by applying additional energy sources and minimalize flow resistance in the field. The application of these technologies results in enhancement, or replacement of natural or physical processes of displacement and modifies the composition and physical properties of formation fluids. The use of EOR technologies in offshore environment is limited compared to onshore fields. Constraints imposed by the offshore environment are associated with technical difficulties as well as economic risk. Before choosing the most appropriate EOR method for particular environmental conditions the restrictions associated with: large well spacing, disposal geological description as well as availability and cost of EOR agents, weight and space constrains or high capital cost requirements should be considered. Reservoir lithology is limiting the applicability of specific EOR methods. This paper presents a comprehensive review of EOR projects which are appropriate or possible for sandstone reservoirs containing light-oil in offshore field. The possibilities and limitations of selected methods are introduced.