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Evaluation of possible applications membrane separators for purification of gas from unconventional deposits.

Grzegorz Stec, Czesław Rybicki, Jacek Blicharski

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 231-239, [1]

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In this paper the types of membranes used for purification of the gas streams were described, the principle of operation was discussed and the main areas of the industrial use of this type of separation equipment in the world were identified. The possibility of using membranes for natural gas purification in particular the unconventional gas (shale gas, natural gas with nitrogen) was analyzed. The authors presented the criteria for selecting the size of the membranes, the critical parameters of membrane system, the necessary installation and compilation of technology enabling the proper conduct of the separation process. Based on the experience of different companies rated the advantages and disadvantages of using membranes for gas treatment in Polish exploitation and transmission conditions both from the technological and the economic point of view. The paper ends with proposals for the possibility of application of the system of membranes for the purification of gas from unconventional sources.