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Mature gas fields rehabilitation concepts.

Argentina Tătaru, Florinel Şuţoiu, Sándor Balázs

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 253-260, [1]

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Rehabilitation operations are applied to mature gas field, which although have a significant history production, owns a continuous energetical capacity which could be exploited in economicaly efficient conditions. For rehabilitation are selected from all the mature fields those which could additionally offer to the currently obtained basis production, a supplementary production, generated through interventions in reservoirs, wells or surface infrastructure. Although the opportunity of mature gas field rehabilitation is evident and unanimously accepted, the effective implementation of the concept represents a complex intervention. This fact is just due to natural gas reservoirs diversity, which involves developing particular models of rehabilitation, adapted to each reservoir capability. Conceptually, mature gas field rehabilitation can be divided in three sequences: reservoir, well, surface facilities. Intervention in one section or another, or concomitent intervention in all three sequences, is dictated by technical and economical reasons. Mature gas field rehabilitation must begin with main production problems identification that once recognized can be solved by remedial actions. Such corrective measures are commonly used in order to inerease the productivity of gas wells and removing restrietions on reservoir - well - surface facilities route.