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Technical and economic analysis of the impact of compressors installed at well clusters.

Ion Foidaş, Dan-Paul Ştefănescu

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 263-269, [1]

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The current stage of mature gas fields exploitation is characterized by increasing the efforts for maintaining the wells in production, in order to maximize the gas recovery factor in conditions of economic profitability. In this respect, a permanent concern of the specialists in this domain is represented by the adjustment of the compression capacities with the dynamics of the energetic parameters of every well belonging to these fields. This assumes the compression units installing as close to the well head in order to decrease the dynamic pressure, allowing the gas ratę increasing. On the other hand, decreasing the dynamic pressure at the well head, results also in reducing the minimum gas rate necessary for removal the liquid accumulated at the wells bottom, avoiding thereby the risk of the wells flooding. The pilot project of installing the portable compressors at the level of some gas groups operated by Romgaz, was a real success, the future perspectives regarding the production enhancing and revenue growth, based on this technology, being certainly.