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The characteristics of perspective areas of non-conventional oil accumulations in Poland.

Arletta Jędrzejczyk, Stanisław Rychlicki, Jerzy Stopa

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 271-278, [1]

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In Poland, the focus so far has been on unconventional gas deposits, but equally interesting are unconventional oil deposits. As a result of intensive research in the past few years, it was found that we have significant deposits of oil shale, which may be rich in both gas and oil. Undoubtedly, after a period of research and analysis on the prospects of the presence of shale gas in these structural units would come the turn of the shale oil. In the article on the basis of industrial materials have been characterized: — shale formations in the basin of the Baltic - Podlasie - Lublin (potential of the Silurian and Ordovician), — Prągowiec ravine (southeast of Kielce) - Graptolitic Shales (Silurian) — menilite shales in the Carpathians external-especially of south of Rzeszów in municipalities Błażowa, Boguchwała, Wojaszówka. — discovered heavy oil deposit Lubaczów.