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Interpretation of DST test results for the identification of HC accumulation limits or boundaries in the area of the Carpathians and Carpathian Foredeep (South Poland).

Stanisław Dubiel, Czesław Rybicki, Adam Zubrzycki, Michał Maruta

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 291-305, [1]

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The result and interpretation of reservoir tests (DST) are presented in the paper. They were performed in 20 intervals of 17 production wells in years 1995-1997. These wells are located in the Central Carpathians (flysch sand beds) and mainly in the external and internal Carpathian Foredeep (the autochthonous and allochthonous Miocene thin bedded sandstones) and their substratum (mainly carbonates). The basies of the theoretical diagnoses for determining the main types of drainage zones or limits of hydrocarbon accumulations are presented in the form of a short description of the Kappa Company's programmatic procedure (Saphir 202B system). Some diagnostic diagrams for the main reservoir border models are described using the log-log method. Examples of their geological interpretation are also provided.