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The vision of students regarding tomorrow's world in European engineering education.

Dan Duşe, Carmen Duşe, Cătălin Nemeş

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 315-322, [1]

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Starting from Michael Rendell and his team's "Managing tomorrow's people", this paper sets out to build a possible future of leadership in the European engineering education by taking the students' view on tomorrow's world into consideration. We can ask ourselves if European technical universities, and engineering education in particular. could exist in a Blue, Green and Orange World. How would they look like and how efficient would "corporate" universities be, assuming that the Blue World would prevail in the next 10 years. What should their development strategies be and what labor markets would absorb their graduates? What if universities would be in the Green or Orange World? What leaders should they have then? Starting from these questions we try to construct possible scenarios for a European reality.