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Analytical prediction model of UGS performance.

Jacek Blicharski, Czesław Rybicki, Grzegorz Stec

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 325-338, [1]

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The purpose of underground gas storage in porous media is to allow compensation for peak shaving in gas consumption. Especially during the winter months, the stored gas must then be supplied at fuli capacity for short periods. Currently storage capacities of existing UGS facilities in Poland are not fully sufficient for proper regulation of gas demand. The more they do not overcome long term limitation in gas supply from import. There is therefore a need for increasing capacity of existing UGS or development of new ones. This paper presents an analytical model based on equations of material balance combined with well inflow and tubing performance equations for modeling gas storage operations. Presented model was used to maximize the capacity and efficiency of natural gas storage developed in partially depleted gas fields located in the region of south-eastern Poland for a given reservoir/well configuration. On the basis of this model variant scenario of gas storage operation with the use of vertical and horizontal wells were demonstrated.