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Optimizing recovery factor in multilayers mature gas field, based on decline curve analysis methodology.

Dan-Paul Ştefănescu, Yrene Romero Iturbe Isabela Falk

Vol. 31, no. 2 (2014), s. 367-393

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Generally, the mature fields have a good portion of the remaining reserves still trapped due to inefficient drainage, pressure decline, inerease in water cut, sand production and aging of the existing system. This paper addresses a methodology applied on the historical produetion behavior to identify techniques and initiatives to optimize the recovery factor based on redevelopment plans in a mature field. For Laslau Mare field in particular, there have been identified and implemented opportunities such as: infill drilling, work over optimization, dynamie underbalance perforation (DUP), acidizing, kick off with N2, propellant stimulation, snubbing, soaping, sand management, Wavefront Technology stimulation and wellhead and/or group compressor installation.