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A feasibility study of synthetic substances used for the sealing of old workings transformed into underground gas storages.

Czesław Rybicki, Mariusz Chromik

Vol. 31, no. 4 (2014), s. 485-492, [1]

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In the now both in the world and in Poland grows the meaning of underground gas storages. Except storages located in depleted gas reservoirs salt caverns the attention deserve storages in mining-excavations. In this type gas storages it exists the problem of the seal of the rock massive. For that purpose comply different methods among other things the housing with the steel-cloak and the water curtain. Authors of the article propose the innovative method of sealing up of the rock massive at the use of plastics as composites. The article has a generał character because in practice this method was not applied. In opinion of authors this method seems to be interesting and effective.