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Optimal demulsification method selection on deposit Lubiatów.

Vitalij Kulinič

Vol. 32, no. 1 (2015), s. 211-219, [1]

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According to world statisties on the oil production about 25-35 % of the volumes are appearing in the form of an emulsion. Oil emulsions cause the great impediment in the operating time as a result of inereasing the viscosity even to 200 times towards oil. For a commercial product, it is necessary to prepare oil for processing, which involves the separation of a stable emulsion. In the industry various methods of dividing are applicable, among others: mechanical, chemical, electric. The article describes the types of emulsion, the reasons for its creation. The methods of demulsification of crude oil were characterized, the construction of demulsifiers, and their influence on the processes of exploitation of oil. The aim of the author's laboratory tests was demulsifiers selection to the crude oil produced in the deposit Lubiatów on Polish Lowlands.