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25 years of Gazprom on the gas market.

Katarzyna Kosowska, Piotr Kosowski

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 289-301, [1]

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Gas sector was one of the best growing industries of the Soviet Union in the last two decades of its existence. This was made possible thanks to the discovery and exploitation of natural gas fields in Western Siberia, as well as the construction of transmission infrastructure - domestic and export pipelines. The history of the Russian gas industry is inextricably linked with the activity of Gazprom, the gas concern set up in 1989 in place of liquidated Ministry of Gas Industry. The article gives a summary of the 25-year history of Gazprom and its economic, social and political role. It discusses activities of the company on internal and external markets, issues of gas reserves, production and transmission, as well as the financial and political relationship with the authorities of the Russian Federation.