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Comparative analysis of technological efficiency of oil production intensification in carbonate collector advantages of the technology of radial drilling.

Jan Ziaja, Vasil' Movčan

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 303-311, [1]

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The paper presents a comparative analysis of the results of radial drilling, drilling perforation, cumulative reperforation and acid treatment. The study was focused at carbonate deposits in Russia. For each technology average incremental oil rates were estimated at the same exploration targets. The analysis of technological effectiveness in the given geologic and physical conditions revealed that drilling perforation and radial drilling allow reaching higher incremental oil rates compared to acid treatment and cumulative perforation. This fact confirms effectiveness of drilling radial canals by enlarging infiltration area. For the sake of completion radial drilling and drilling perforation are performed in the same wells. To reveal limiting conditions of applying radial drilling and drilling perforation an effectiveness analysis is made depending on the thickness of the interlayers exposed. To formulate criteria of radial exposing applicability an analysis of effects of different geological and physical formation parameters on geological and engineering operations effectiveness is done. The following parameters are considered: relation between the current formation pressure and initial formation pressure, formation permeability, skin factor, thickness of interlayers in overall perforation interval, thickness of interlayers exposed by radial canals.