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Investigation of the interaction of reservoir sections with different permeability in depleted gas field.

Oleksandr Kondrat

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 325-332, [1]

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For many gas fields, including Ukraine, which are being developed in gas drive, there is a deviation of graphics rectilinear dependence of reduced average reservoir pressure from the theoretical straight line dependence. The reason for this may be the existence of imperfectly drained zones, zones with low-permeable reservoirs within the limits of the field. They include peripheral areas and separate areas in the field. These zones are being gradually involved to the development, are characterized by high reservoir pressure and gas from them flows into the recovery zone with production wells. According to the results of conducted researches the mathematical model of interaction in the gas field reservoir areas with different degrees of permeability and drainage as a result of gas cross-flow between them was proposed. Applying a suggested mathematical model the impact of interaction of different permeable zones in the macroheterogeneity field on the shape of the dependence of reduced average reservoir pressure from cumulative gas production was estimated and the opportunity to identify the presence outbalance reserves in the field noninvolved into the development was found out. Layers with outbalance gas reserves can be considered as the perspective zones for development.