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Study of the non-project operating modes of the gas pipeline transportation system.

Dmitro Volins'kij

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 335-342, [1]

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The paper refers to the investigation of various non-project operating modes that can occur during the operation of the gas pipeline transmission system. The only method of research is mathematical modeling since the study of accidents and emergency situations in real pipeline is unacceptable. Therefore, in order to carry out the set tasks, mathematical modeling and computer simulation of the gas pipeline system and processes that can cause accidents in its work were applied. As an object of study area was taken a hypothetical gas pipeline transportation system with the possibility to research its unsteady processes arising from the sudden closing of valves, emergency gas leak, the appearance of illegal gas extraction, connecting or disconnecting of looping etc. A mathematical model of the system is based on the classical equations of unsteady gas flow, continuity and energy together with the equation of state of a real gas, which form a closed system. Boundary value problem is selected according to the operating conditions. The obtained results allow us to generalize the findings of a significant impact of location of a gas leak or its extraction for the period of its discovery and the rate of change of the gas flow mode in the pipeline.