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Increasing the degree of certainty on depleted gas reservoir perforation, using geophysical saturation methods.

Florinel Şuţoiu, Ion Foidaş, Mihail Avramescu

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 359-367, [1]

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New geophysical investigations, capable of highlight the most thin gas saturated layers, offers for depleted gas reservoirs a new chance. Lately Romgaz, used most types of anterior mentioned investigations, in purpose of analyzing the petrophysical properties of thin sands. Thereby, there had been identified within depleted gas reservoirs, many layers saturated with gas, which after perforation had been confirmed. After, these were included in the effective thickness zone, constitute the foundation for gas resources and reserves reevaluation. In this paper there will be presented some concrete examples regarding the usage of these high resolution logs, for a better definition of reservoir properties.