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The importance of the formation and fracture pressures for the selection of the depths for casing setting in Slovakia.

Ján Pinka, Lucia Kucirková

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 381-393, [1]

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Different oil companies place shallow casing strings at different depths. Apparently there is no general method or procedure that gives the optimal location. This article is an attempt to define this optimum casing seat location. The potential benefits will improve safety and economy of the operation. The two major factors determine the depth of the casing shoe, that is, the fracture pressure and the pore pressure. A third factor is the lithology, because it is desirable to place the casing shoe in a competent shale section. The methods of predicting fracture gradients for deeper wells already exist. In this article, a method of predicting fracture gradients for shallow well has been derived. This method is combined with kick tolerance criteria to obtain a casing depth selection method. Also, the variation in fracture pressures at any depth has been investigated.