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Metal Magnetic Memory method used for analyzing high-pressure gas pipelines.

Adam Nowakowski, Piotr Paszylk

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 395-403, [1]

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Keeping the linear part of transmission infrastructure in proper technical condition, ensure an appropriate level of safety require performing a number of exploitation activities. The use of Metal Magnetic Memory (MPM) method, mainly Non-contact Magnetometric Diagnostics (NMD) is a very interesting solution for gas pipelines testing. The method is used primarily for unpiggable gas pipelines. In the gas industry can be seen a growing interest of use such methods, due to its effectiveness and applicability of NMD tests without the need for excavations and is an alternative to predictive methods. The article present the examples of using the Metal Magnetic Memory method for the high pressure gas pipelines testing with examples of detected defects.