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Analysis of technological parameters of cementing slurries for horizontal casing works in Pomeranian Basin.

Stanisław Stryczek, Łukasz Kotwica, Rafał Wiśniowski, Albert Złotkowski, Krzysztof Skrzypaszek, Marcin Kremieniewski, Marcin Rzepka

Vol. 32, no. 2 (2015), s. 431-441, [1]

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Paper presents results of investigation on the properties of cement slurries used in casing works in horizontal wells. Six slurries were investigated. Each slurry was optimized to fulfill the demands of a particular well drilled in Pomeranian Basin in northern Poland. Slurries were designed the way to obtain flow diameter in the range 240-270 mm and exhibiting no sedimentation. Special emphasis was put on the stability of the slurries, due to high requirements for stability of slurries used in casing works in horizontal wells. Slurries were cured in conditions characteristic for particular wells (pressure in the range between 35 and 49 MPa, temperature in the range between 80 and 90 degrees of Celsius). For hardened slurries mechanical properties were determined. Phase composition of hardened slurries was determined with XRD and thermal analysis. In addition microstructural observations were done in order to determine the influence of temperature on microstructure of hardened cement matrix.