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Drilling mud for shale gas drilling.

Miłosz Kędzierski, Sławomir Wysocki, Rafał Wiśniowski, Małgorzata Uliasz, Grzegorz Zima

Vol. 32, no. 3 (2015), s. 503-515, [1]

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The selection of the relevant components the drilling of 5mud can reduce the occurrence of negative physical-chemical phenomena observed between shales and drilling mud. The purpose of laboratory examination was to estimate the impact of different polymer inhibitors for hydration of clays and shales. A laboratory test were performed in order to estimate the concentration of polymer inhibitors in preventing the phenomena taking place in contact with the shale rocks – drilling mud. Also, research the influence a drilling fluids containing different kinds of hydration inhibitors on swelling and clays and shales dispersion.