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Utilisation of drilling waste muds from drilling waste dump.

Łukasz Kotwica, Wojciech Wons, Grzegorz Malata, Paweł Murzyn, Aleksandra Jamrozik, Andrzej Gonet

Vol. 32, no. 3 (2015), s. 623-635, [1]

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Dynamically developing drilling industry is connected with some environmental impact. Considerable amounts of contaminated drilling waste is produced, regardless the applied prevention measures. The generated drilling waste is diversified both chemically and physico-mechanical. These properties make utilization or managing of drilling waste difficult. In article presented results laboratory research stabilization of drilling waste mud from Polish commercial drilling waste dump. Samples were taken from an old lot which is not currently under operation and was provided to be subjected to reclamation. Investigated waste drilling mud stored in waste dump contains high amounts of unbound ions, which can be leached out of the sample. It cause the method of utilization to fulfill two goals: first it should allow to solidify the material in order to obtain material easy to transport and process and second the method should allow to decrease the amount of ions which can be leached out of the final material.