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Characterization of Swelling Packer EPDM Elastomers.

Bojan Moslavac, Davorin Matanović, Borivoje Pašić

Vol. 32, no. 4 (2015), s. 647-655, [1]

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Since many years diff erent elastomer types have been applied in a number of oilfi eld completion solutions. With regard to harsh environment elastomers have to withstand someti mes, it is crucial to design long lasting products resilient to high temperature and aggressive fl uids able to deal with high diff erential pressures at the same time. Swelling packers appear to be a real challenge to design. A fre quent question may be what type of rubber to use in swelling systems to compensate high temperature and high pressu re conditions. This paper is based on methodology and characterization of vulcanized ethylene-propylene-diene mon omer (EPDM) samples submitted to swelling in a glass dish and OFITE dynamic linear swell meter. Several diff erent recipes for rubber vulcanization were used and tested trying to combine and mix diff erent concentrations of each component. The swelling of rubber samples was tested in oil acquired from one of the Croatian oil fi elds at room temperature and 90°C. A signifi cant diff erence in swelling intensity and speed was observed when comparing these two conditions. Swelling properties were carefully scaled imposing conclusions given at the end of the paper.