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CO₂ storing capacity in geologic formations in the Czech Republic

Petr Bujok, Martin Klempa, Krzysztof Labus, Michał Porzer, Petr Pánek, Robert Rado, Marina González-Rodríguez

Vol. 32, no. 4 (2015), s. 683-691, [1]

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The CO₂ emission is a significant environmental problem threatening the sustained development of mankind. One of the possible ways of limiting the emission is the disposal of carbon dioxide in geologic formations.A pilot project of CO2 storage in geologic formations in the Czech Republic (REPP-CO2) is presented in this paper. The project is part of the Norwegian Fund and the research consortium (headed by the Czech Republic Geologic Office), with VSB-TU Ostrava as a participant. The VSB-TU Ostravais represented by the Faculty of Geology and Mining (HGF) and the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science (FMMI) in the consortium.The research activity of the consortium mainly focuses on the development and improvement of selected laboratory methods, modelling and simulation, which are basic for the evaluation of safety of CO2 storing in geologic forma-tions. Thise paper presents the research conducted by the Faculty of Geology and Mining (HGF) VSB-TU Ostrava within the project.