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Geomechanical aspects of hydraulic fracture propagation in the Lublin shale gas field in Poland.

Chabilal Dhital, Dariusz Knez, Tomasz Śliwa

Vol. 32, no. 4 (2015), s. 703-710, [1]

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The recent boom in shale gas exploration around the world has sparked a paradigm shift in energy security in many countries in the world. With the successful exploration of shale gas production in the United State’s, many operators are trying to replicate the success in other parts of the world specifically in European countries where the presence of organic rich shale deposits have signaled a promising investment for the recovery of shale gas. Perspective studies for the Polish shale gas field in Poland have been ongoing. One part of this project is the comparison of hydraulic fracture thickness between the U.S shale gas field and Polish for better and effective design and modeling of reservoirs for the optimal exploration and recovery of shale gas. Successful production of natural gas from Polish basins requires a hydraulic fracture stimulation to unlock the gas trapped in the shales coupled with a geologic analysis of the shale rocks.