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An application of organic nanosilica to cement slurries based on Portland cement.

Aleksandra Jamrozik, Stanisław Stryczek, Rafał Wiśniowski, Andrzej Gonet, Rafał Wójcik

Vol. 32, no. 4 (2015), s. 747-757, [1]

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More and more attention is paid nowadays to the quality and durability of the applied cement slurries. Apart from the appropriate rheological, technological and strength parameters, the slurry should be resistant to the strongly mineralized reservoir waters. Appropriate phase composition of cement slurries, especially high CSH content is responsible for the change of pore structure in the cement slurry; the number of fine gel pores which are not available for the fluid increases and the number of capillary pores responsible for the transport of corrosive factors inside the cement slurry decreases. The use of nanosilica as an additive improving the properties of cement slurries has recently gained popularity. Bearing in mind these properties of nSiO2, there were conducted laboratory experiments on the use of organic nanosilica for cement slurries based on Portland cement CEM I 52.5 R.