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Social acceptance for CO₂-EOR and CCS projects based on survey conducted in southeastern Poland.

Stanisław Rychlicki, Piotr Kosowski, Joanna Wartak, Marek Solecki

Vol. 32, no. 4 (2015), s. 759-772, [1]

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This paper presents the results of a survey on the public acceptance of CO₂-EOR and CCS methods. The survey has been conducted in southeastern Poland, on a sample of people living in the Carpathian region (Krosno, Jedlicze, Rymanów). Existing local reservoirs are taken into account of the possibility of enhanced oil recovery by injecting carbon dioxide. A survey has been done within the MUSE project to determine the impact of oil on the surrounding environment and the level of knowledge, perception and acceptance of CCS and CO₂-EOR methods. As appeared from the survey, public acceptance development of the oil industry in Poland is quite positive. Respondents recognize the need to use modern technologies such as CO₂-EOR and CCS to fulfill this task. A significant number of respondents show limited awareness (or lack of it) regarding these technologies. Public acceptance largely depends on the level of knowledge regarding the technology. One of the main directions of work undertaken prior to the implementation of industrial installations using technologies of CO₂-EOR and CCS should be gaining the acceptance of the local community.