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Analysis of technological parameters of cement slurries used for sealing casing in the Lublin Basin area.

Stanisław Stryczek, Rafał Wiśniowski, Marcin Kremieniewski, Marcin Rzepka, Łukasz Kotwica, Albert Złotkowski

Vol. 33, no. 1 (2016), s. 145-157, [1]

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Both fresh and hardened cement slurries should meet respective standards. Recently the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas AGH UST and Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute have recently realized works within the OPTIDRILLTEC project aimed at the modification of the existing and working out of new 9 recipes of slurries to be used for sealing wells on shale deposits. For this reason a crew of specialists realized scientific analyses with the use of high class control and measuring systems. These are, among others, pressure consistometers, filtration presses, viscometers, apparatus for measuring permeability and migration of gas, mercury porosimeter, ultrasound cement analyzer, strength testing machine. The investigations of cement slurries are aimed at working out recipes of slurries for sealing casing in wellbores drilled in shale gas formations.