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Utilization of Smart Field concept in mature gas field rehabilitation.

Argentina Tătaru, Dan-Paul Ştefănescu, Ana Simescu

Vol. 33, no. 1 (2016), s. 183-193, [1]

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Since the concept of Smart Field emerged, the operating companies work hard to enable such capabilities through various technology developments, both in the field and the office. Smart Fields help to manage, deliver, optimize and develop short and long term decisions and plans. The technology of “Smart Fields” is based on the measurement of process parameters in the reservoir and on the surface [4]. Implementing Smart Gas Field help us to maximize the value of production and increase profitability, while reducing operating costs and the use of industrial services. The integrated and automated data from sensors, simulated models and controllers provide reliable diagnostic tests, enable measurable improvements and implement a favorable environment to plan and schedule phases of production [5]. The main challenge for Romgaz was to combine and integrate older system into newer one. The problem was the installed old technology equipment, which was difficult to replace by the new one. During the last years in the most majors fields has begun a process of rehabilitation. To extend the mature gas reservoir life we redeveloped and optimized the fields, improving productivity and reservoir performance. To aim these goals, today, we need monitoring / surveillance programs for optimizing the production . It is important to measure the parameters of process conditions as accurately as possible.