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Monitoring of petroleum substances in the neighborhood of drinking water intake.

Tadeusz Solecki

Vol. 33, no. 1 (2016), s. 39-47, [1]

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This article concerns the monitoring of underground water quality in the vicinity of underground water intake, which is carried out continuously (quarterly) in six monitoring wells situated near the water intake. Groundwater occurring in this complex form a continuous and prosperous aquifer exploited with deep- water wells 19A and 19', intended to supply the population of part of Kraków with drinking and industrial water. Operated monitoring wells and holes are set in Czyżyny district in the protection zone of undergro- und water intakes Mistrzejowice. During the field research it were carried 41 quarterly measurements of petroleum substances at ground- water table. These tests were carried out using specialized equipment of Dutch company Eijkelkamp Agri- search Equipment, which can measure thickness of petroleum substances at groundwater table in each monitoring well. During the laboratory studies 41 quarterly measurements were performed. Determination and quantitative analysis of petroleum substances in groundwater samples were made. For laboratory testing methodology Fourier infrared spectroscopy was used. Laboratory studies of oil products in water samples showed the variable contents in each series. The statistical analysis was also done using Shewhart’ s control card.