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An application of a Raman scattering analyzer for the determination of natural gas composition at a processing plant.

Tomasz Włodek, Szymon Kuczyński, Rafał Smulski, Krzysztof Polański

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The development of conventional and unconventional natural gas reservoir management includes continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon exploitation processes and its impact on the reservoir and environment. Raman spectroscopy, which allows for the identification of reservoir fluids (including natural gas) components can be a very promising method for the application of providing a quick, non-invasive, nondestructive analysis.The proposed in this paper measurement methods are focused on the use of: – a laboratory cell (autoclave) with sapphire window mounted on a specially prepared bypass pipeline; – a dedicated Raman probe mounted to the available installed stub pipe; – the construction of a special measurement cell.The article presents the basic technical assumptions for measurements of the composition of natural gas with the use Raman spectroscopy.