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The technical and technological aspects of commissioning a new intake wells.

Jan Macuda, Ewa Styrkowiec

Vol. 33, no. 3 (2016), s. 641-648, [1]

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Correctly performed intake wells are a warranty of long and efficient exploitation of the object. A number of important factors are involved, starting from the correct technology of drilling to proper supervision of the investor and control of realization of particular stages of work. These factors are typical of each stage of the investment process, from the stage of determining project requirements, quality of drilling to commissioning of the well. For this reason it is extremely important for the investor to establish the requirements and technical criteria which will be presented to the authors of the geological project and potential performer of the well. Geological works can be successfully verified with available diagnostic techniques, thanks to which the quality of performance can be recognized, make the contractor remove construction failures and improve the efficiency of hydraulic well before final commissioning. The necessity of performing such an analyses should be included in the budget of the planned well. Properly defined technical condition of the drilled well and evaluation of its hydraulic efficiency, being a basis for commissioning, allows the designers to select rational parameters of production and elongate a well’s life.