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Properties of processed drilling wastes from the factory of ecolocical labors in Tarnogród.

Mirosław Rzyczniak, Lucyna Czekaj, Ewelina Cabala, Anna Rzyczniak

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 713-720, [1]

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The following publication presents the results of laboratory testing of drilling wastes’, so called filter cakes, physical and mechanical features, that are utilized in the Factory of Ecological Labors in Tarnogród. This kind of waste is obtained from filtration process lead on processed drilling fluids, in the cellular filter press. As a result of lead tests, granulometric composition of tested ground, some basic and secondary physical features (water (moisture) content, bulk density, liquid limit, plastic limit, plastic index, liquidity index, consistency index), swelling sensibility (swelling curve, swelling coefficient, swelling index, swelling water content) and compressibility (consolidation curve, compressibility curve, edometric compressibility modules). There were defined filtration features (filtration coefficients, filtration curve) and shear strength of soil (shear strength curve, angle of shearing resistance, cohesion). Tests results were presented as charts and tables. Characteristic of the filtered processed drilling fluid waste/filter cakes was based on the achieved results.