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The dependency on the temperature of efficiency of the regeneration process in glycols.

Rafał Smulski, Jarosław Sacha

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 733-745, [1]

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The water content of glycol is important from the perspective of the dehumidification quality of natural gas, as the greater is it’s content, the more adversely it will affect further absorption of glycol during the dehumidification process. In order to restore its original properties, sorption glycol undergoes regeneration that is the process which consists of thermal evaporation of water contained therein. The separation of these components is made possible by the evaporation of water at a lower temperature, compared to glycols. In the industrial practice of dehumidifying natural gas using the absorption method, four kinds of glycol can be used. Their characteristics are presented in the report, discussing the current methods of regeneration, as well as presenting results from the laboratory tests which consisted of water content measurements taken after evaporation of water from the glycol solutions. These results were summarized and compared. To determine the content of water, the Karl Fischer titration method was used.