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The influence of prospecting unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs on acoustic climate.

Łukasz Łukańko, Jan Macuda

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 747-755

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In Poland the perspective shale gas formations concentrate in the area of the Baltic Basin, Podlasie Depression and Lublin Basin. Their depth varies from slightly above 2,000 to 4,500 m, depending on the location. Accordingly, novel rigs of high hoisting capacity and installed power capacity of master motors have to be used for opening natural gas deposits with the use of directional wells. The operation of such systems creates an acoustic hazard for the environment, especially in the close vicinity to the rig. The results of noise analyses of a prospecting well for hydrocarbons from unconventional sources in the north of Poland performed with the use of a rig MASS 6000E are presented in this paper. The noise analyses concentrated on the rig area among the direct noise sources and the neighborhood to show the influence of drilling operations on the acoustic environment. The obtained results revealed that the noise emission in the rig area can be limited by optimizing the localization and placement of particular objects and systems within the rig site. This also applies to the placement of the noise barriers on the border of the rig to limit the noise emission towards objects requiring protection.